Doug sometimes works with his son Todd who also is an accomplished naturalist and performer.


presenting a programWoodslore and Wildwoods
Wisdom Stories, Songs and Lore Celebrating Animals, Plants and People.


Of Whistlepigs and World Politics


Everything you never thought you wanted to know about opossums


Everybody's Fishin', A Crosscultural Fishing Adventure
Wrestling sea serpents, tickling trout, grabbing catfish by the snout!


Doug ElliottWeeds for Your Needs
Useful Wild Plants


Weaving Tales
Stories of baskets and weavers


Also programs on
Birds, Bugs, Reptiles & Amphibians,

Rainforests, Bogs and Traditional Food Ways (involving wild foods).




Workshops can last from less than an hour to several days. Suggested topics include:


A Wildwoods Ramble
Exploration, observation and tales on the trail


Weeds for Your Needs
Edible, medicinal or otherwise useful wild plants


leading a nature rambleTracking
Learning about animals by tracks and signs


Natural Basketry
How to make baskets from bark, splints and vines


Stories and Nature
How to craft stories using nature as a source of inspiration


Stalking the Wild Fibers
How to find, extract and make twine, rope and textile fibers from wild plants