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An Evening with Doug Elliott

Stories, Songs, and Lore Celebrating the Natural World

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Swarm Tree


Swarm Tree

Of Honeybees, Honeymoons, and the Tree of Life

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Whether he's singing about catfish,

pontificating on possums,

extolling the virtues of

dandelions, telling

wild snake tales

or wailing out a

jivey harmonica

tune -- either on

a backwoods

trail or in a

concert hall --

Doug Elliott will take

you on an unforgettable,

multifaceted cultural tour of North

America's back country. He performs a lively collection of traditional tales,

ancient legends, inspiring stories, folklore and outrageous personal

narratives. He flavors them with regional dialects, lively harmonica riffs,

fact stranger than fiction, and more than a few belly laughs.